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FDA Warns of a Possible Deadly Reaction To Acne Products

You read that right. The FDA issued a warning in June (thats right, JUNE) stating that two of the most used ingredients for acne are actually causing ”potentially life-threatening allergic reactions or severe irritation”.

Here is the original post. 

Before I go any further though, I would like to point out that the FDA, a regulatory agency that seldomly forbids anything in the very self-regulated cosmetic industry, is actually issuing a warning agains an ingredient. 
Studies have been published showing how damaging certain cosmetic ingredients are and the FDA is still “waiting to see” on these ingredients. 

So, the fact that the FDA itself is issuing a warning raises all sorts of flags. This is bad, and this is big. 
I’m assuming very big lawsuits have happened in order for the FDA to (finally) pay attention to cosmetic ingredients. 

What surprises me the most (but not really, at the same time) is that even with the FDA issuing a warning, so many people still haven’t heard of this…

I want to know.. did you hear about it? How did you hear about it? 

Spread the word! Tell your friends. Let’s avoid any more damage.

The great news: there are still very effective anti-acne products out there… but please READ YOUR LABELS!

What Should You Use?
Great question! No worries… I have not used either of these controversial ingredients for a while, yet I have been able to get my acne under control. I love the Dr. Baumann Acne Kit. It has everything  you need to get your skin back to it’s glowing self. 


It’s on special for the month of September! 

Get them while quantities last. The Acne Kit is a best seller. 
Have a glowing weekend!

p.s: don’t forget I do shipping! Only $15. 

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Dairy-Acne Conection
As promised, I said I was going to give you a detailed explanation on my position regarding dairy
Let’s look at actual facts rather than “arguable” opinions (true or not) like
 ”we are the only species of mammals to have another mammal’s milk”. Facts. I like FACTS.

(Extremely rare and sweet picture of a dog, feeding tigers. Source)

Is Milk Even Compatible with Humans?
According to 
AAFP, “worldwide, humans lose 90 to 95 percent of birth lactase levels by early childhood, and there is a continuous decline in lactase during the course of a lifetime.” (sourceAs humans, we can’t even digest this food! 

How Often is Too Often?
Well, “a little” (namely weekly) consumption of dairy is enough to cause stress on our body. Imagine when we eat it daily. Most of us do! 
Do this exercise: think of how much you ACTUALLY consume dairy products.
Include cheese, yogurt, ice cream, kefir and coffee/tea. 
If you suffer from skin ailments, stop dairy completely for a week no exceptions. You can thank me later when your skin clears up (also when other conditions go away, but we’ll get into that later).

The Two Main Problems: The Hormones and The Processing

1. The Hormones.

When does a cow (or any other mammal for that matter) produce milk? When they have babies! So, in order to have a lactating cow for years in a row, farmers (or corporations) pump these cows with pregnancy hormones to make their bodies artificially produce milk ALL.THE.TIME. So this happens:
(normal vs growth hormone)

Source & Source 
Because the poor cow’s udder gets infected, from swelling (and often tearing and cracking) cows go on antibiotics so that the milk we drink doesn’t infect us with the bacteria from the infected udder.

Which brings me to the Second problem:
2. The Processing:
When you have a product filled with animal byproduct (read: pus)  you must pasteurize it and process it in order for it to be safe for the consumer. Then, it is separated in a homogenization process that separates the fat and cream from the dairy. And let’s not even go into more specific milks like “lactose free” and “flavoured” ones. How do you think this is achieved? By the time you get your hands on this end product, you are drinking a completely processed food.

The Solution:
Believe me when I say I understand. Dairy is delicious. There. I said it. And it was EXTREMELY hard cutting it completely out of my diet. But you must trust me when I say this: it’s like an addiction. Once you go through the detox phase, you don’t even crave it anymore. TRUST ME! I used to have dairy 3 times a day (cheese with my omelette, yogurt for a snack, more cheese at night, or maybe tea with milk at night). You will stick with it when you see the health results. I am not just talking about skin conditions, I am talking about health issues overall. Things you never thought would be related: migraines, joint pains, digestive issues, even sinus and asthma. Yep. 
There are great substitutes like almond milk. Try them!

But What About Calcium?

 Dairy is NOT the only source of calcium. Calcium in milk has all been an UNREAL (and quite brilliant) marketing campaign. Please take a look at this eye-opening comparison.

Please check the entire infographic here. Courtesy of Kriss Carr (you are awesome!)
To read more on alternatives for an easy switch check Kriss Carr’s website here.

Are you curious to see what you feel like without dairy in your life? If you are, let me know! I’d love to hear about it.
Have a beautiful weekend!
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How to Identify Good vs. Bad Ingredients
Last post I talked about the horrors of sunscreens without realizing that I kinda left you at limbo when it came to what ingredients exactly to look for!

I made this little cheat sheet to help you find the safest sunscreens for yourself and your family :) 
Feel free to share it with family and friends.

If you are in Toronto or anywhere in Canada or North America, remember that the Sunscreen Special from Dr. Baumann is still going on (very few left! I will honour this sale until I’m sold out) and I also do shipping. 

Take advantage of these prices on SAFE sunscreens! 

Have a glowing weekend!

Liposome Solarium, After Sun Lotion, SPF 20
(German SPF20= SPF30 in North America) 
for $99
(Regular price $177.90)

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Is Your Sunscreen Aging You Faster?


I have to be honest. I thought I had been talking “way too much” about sunscreens lately and started to feel like I could be sounding a little repetitive.
That is until I started realizing that VERY FEW PEOPLE know how tremendously damaging chemical sunscreens can be to our health and the environment.

Please, if you do one thing for your health this Summer, read this post.
Oldie but goodie. Let me summarize it for ya:


1. Chemical sunscreens have been found in 75% of breast milk. (HUMAN breast milk)


2. Chemical sunscreens disturb the endocrine system and lead to hormonal imbalances that may result in cancer


3. 96% of sunscreens in the market contain chemical sunscreens


4. The healthy alternative to this is to use PHYSICAL SUNSCREENS

What are you waiting for? Sunscreens are on sale this month! Get them while they last (I called Dr. Baumann and they already run out of the sale items… This is it!)

Please, if you don’t buy them from me, get them anywhere else. Just don’t use chemical sunscreens! Although good luck finding physical sunscreens… I was doing some research at Whole Foods and out of the entire row of sunscreens (sooo many!) I found only 2 brands that are physical sunscreens. Even the most seemingly healthy sunscreens have chemical sunscreens…. be careful!

If you have any questions regarding sunscreens please don’t hesitate to ask me. Your skin will thank you by glowing!!!
Have a gorgeous weekend :)


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#skinfriendly Decadent Rice Wraps


This quick and easy meal (or snack) is definitely on my list for #skinfriendly foods.
It is really easy to make! Here are the steps:

First, chop some veggies (I keep some chopped in the fridge already for a quick prep). This time y used shredded carrots, cucumbers, red pepper and lettuce.
You can add any ingredients you want. Some people add mango, shrimp, chicken, crab, rice noodles… the list is endless….



Then, wet your rice paper completely. You can dip them in a bowl with water or simply hold them under running water. Front and back. Don’t leave it soaking! It will be still hard at first, no worries! 


Load you veggies in the middle of the rice paper.
But most importantly: make a little “diaper” at the bottom so it’s sealed, by folding the lower part of the paper as shown in the picture:

Then start wrapping it:

Beware: It can break! 

If it does, just change the rice paper, or simply “patch it” with another paper!

For the sauce: (the best part of it!)
2 tbsp Tahini
1 tsp Nutritional yeast (if you dont have this, just skip it. It gives it a salty flavour)
1 tbsp Soy sauce (or coconut aminos)
1 tbsp Maple syrup or Honey (or choice of sweetener)
Add water tsp by tsp to make it more runny.



Your skin will thank you by glowing!

Have a gorgeous weekend,

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I have mentioned before the importance of safe sunscreen
JUST Using sunscreen is not enough anymore. 
There are so many toxic ingredients in our sunscreens nowadays that I don’t know what is worse: sun exposure or sunscreen exposure…
UNLESS…. you use a SAFE sunscreen!!!!!! 
WORRY NO MORE! I have the solution. 

Take advantage of this months irresistible offers! They are amazing!



- SPF20 Regular price: $65.0
(Because it’s a german product, their SPF20 is equivalent to SPF30 in North America) 

- Solarium Liposome: Regular price $63.0

This product was developed for people that are sun worshippers or go on tanning beds. The main job of this product is to nourish and prepare the skin for “abuse”. Remember, it was developed for people that go on tanning beds (no one is judging, but you know you shouldn’t be doing it right???) Therefore, they work in a “preventative” way, the idea is to give the skin all the nutrition and health it needs so it is not brutally damaged when exposed to the sun. It’s a preventative approach vs a repairing approach. 
The reason why they make such luxurious moisturizers (I refuse to useanything else ahhaha) is because they are made for skins that undergo extreme sun exposure and damage, so imagine the beauty it does to someone who’s skin is already healthy, right?
So, not a sun worshipper? No worries! You’ll love this as a moisturizer! It is the ultimate moisturizer! Attention preggers: wonderful stretchmark prevention cream!

-After Sun Lotion: Regular Price $45.90
Basically Aloe Vera in a bottle! Got a burn? Heat rash? Skin feeling upset from the hear and the sun? After Sun to the rescue!!!

Dont need the big sizes? Get the travel pack!

There you have it!!! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! 

A NOTE ON OAKVILLE APPOINTMENTS: I WILL BE TAKING APPOINTMENTS JUNE 20TH AND 21ST. They are going fast, save your spot if you want to come in and get your skin glowing!!!

Have a gorgeous weekend and please, practice safe sun!


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